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Friday, September 18, 2009

Let Me Tell Ya…

by Daniel Castaneda

Let me tell ya, about the one thing that matters most
The thing of beauty of highest worth
Truly you have not seen, oh no you have not even heard
Of this wonder, of this Love, of the greatest Thing ever told

Let me tell ya, of this Joy I know, so captivating its quite inebriating
This joy is oh so contagious
Really its no pretending, it’s honestly quite liberating
To know, to experience the work of this Great Miracle Road

Ah yes, let me tell ya, please listen closely and pay me close attention
For this chance, is the chance of a lifetime
For what I have to say is of this Mystery I am speaking of
This Thing, This Love, This Joy are you still listening?

Don’t let the shadows overcome you
Common’ be honest with yourself, say again, No! Hear again!
Not with your ears only, but with your Song
Tune yourself to the Melody that can move your eternity

Oh come come now, you say, it’s time to play again!
Ah yes, play, play, play it loud! This Joy that I have found!
Please sing to me, and tell me of this life-changing Thing
Fine I say, I will convey to you this Gospel Truth.

There is One broken for all, One shamed for the sake of us all
His name, the One called Holy, Jesus The Christ
God’s Highest Prize, His greatest Gift to all of dying humanity
The Saviour, the King, the Son, repent and just believe

And live not just to live, but have life and Life more abundantly

Let me tell ya, let me tell ya... ah yes,
You will never be the same. Your life will forever be changed.

Life and The Gospel

Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 1:18am
Wow, life is truly full of surprises! You never really know what's gonna give or come your way. And well, that is where the Lord steps in. That is where our trust in Him becomes more real and evident as well. In how we move, live and breathe. We should take our every step in Him and not be afraid of the future. What a great privilege God has given us by allowing us to live in this day and age. We are not to take it for granted!

There has been a new mandate placed on my life to preach the Gospel!! The Gospel must be preached so that it can be heard! What is the Gospel you say? The Gospel is Jesus Christ, God's Son revealed in the flesh, who came down from Heaven, and died so that we might live and was resurrected on the third day! All we must do, is believe in Him, repent from our sins, and confess that He is Lord. Then we will be saved! Once brokenness comes, then the openness is there to receive the Gospel.

May the Lord break our hearts for the lost, dying and sighing. May we see how
He sees, and be moved with compassion as Jesus was moved with compassion for His generation! May His plan and will be established even more on the earth!! For His Glory!!
Blessings to all the Jesus Lovers!!
Daniel C

John 3:16- Let it be fresh revelation!