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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year 2010

I don't really claim to know everything. Even though at 4 years old--I went up to my mother and told her---"mom, I think I already know everything--uh, except how to multiply and divide." Ha--what? --that was prolly what she was thinking. It sounds pretty funny now--but I think I actually really felt that way....I guess we can sometimes think we are somewhere that we are not--and keep on living that way. Its more of a fantasy than a reality. Maybe that is why the Bible says to us to "be ye sober" in everything. It's like saying, don't really live in the twilight---as it seems to be the popularity of our culture. The New year, comes with so much promise--it can be scary at times.

My thing is really to be free. Maybe its part of my DNA/personaltity, but mainly I feel---if my life is no longer mine, but to the One--God--I gave it to. When the Bible declares that "it is for freedom that Christ has set us free" I want to say that is exactly how I want to live then. For freedom's sake, not to be enslaved in bondage with fear, anxiety, or anything else. So yah, then, He will handle it all. It's like--we are in for a wild ride--and its all to be enjoyed as we go after it. After---the new year, the promises, the resolutions, go after....what? Well--go after it means to go whole-heartedly after what the LORD has placed in front of us. Its like a race, a course that He has set out--and its up to us to go live it out. To me, I think is brilliant. The Master Craftsman--has created a course that is charted out for us---meaning this New Year--a year full of new epsisodes, new adventures, new life lessons to be learned, etc. Its like the course gets more and more interesting as we're on it.

Ok, so maybe I'm babbling on...but I thought that was the point of a blog. Perhaps---one should take a scripture of the Bible and stand on it. We say, well resolutions don't really work, yareyareyare----true. But on the other hand--a Word from the LORD surely does. Take Ps. 65:11--what an amazing scripture. It goes like this---

"You crown the year with your bounty,
and your carts overflow with abundance."

And then, begin to stand on it. So in other words--it is God whom shall pour out and release with power His blessing and His glory to fill the whole earth. It is in His interest to make sure that His own are taken care of. It shall be so---we can just rest assured that it will happen.

=) I'm all smiles, because of the goodness of the LORD> This year shall our best year yet!! We will be more effective with our ministry, we will succeed in everything we set out mind to do and do it as unto the LORD> we will proclaim with more boldness the Gospel--and this year will be different. This will be the year of the LORD!! 2010--here we come!!!