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Friday, October 16, 2009

Complacency Breeds Contempt--by Jennifer T.

THis inspired me---when I read it half way through the year. And hope it does the same to you as we are in the last quarter of it!!

I feel led to share this. This year began with such anticipation and I was marveled as God continued to move and shape in new ways. I am just in awe of how much has been accomplished in such a small amount of time. It's been a great year! But, I read this well known saying and it spoke to me in a new way. Please read on to see what God was showing me in this. I am giving it to you as he gave it to me so it may seem harsh but, I know it comes with love :) His Love! As a friend and sister in Christ I pray this ministers to your spirit and brings fresh revelation.

Jennifer Tellez

Complacency Breeds Contempt

Complacency as defined in the dictionary reads, "Self satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of actual danger or deficiencies. A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with anunawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy." Contempt is defined as, "the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn. The state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace."

We are halfway through 2009 and it has been an amazing year but, do not get comfortable! There is still a year to finish in Victory! Do not be compliant in your walk. You willfully show disobedience to God's will as you just continue in the "usual". It is a time to rejoice in all that he has accomplished for us this year, yes! But, do not sit back and relax. His successes in our lives has just begun. Now is the time when we need to sprint to the finish! I was able to participate in a Marathon at the beginning of this year and I did not train and only by God's strength I made it to the finish. I drew to him for all that I would need, I knew that I had nothing I would need! I am here to tell you that it is time to draw closer, go deeper, reach farther! It is him in us and not us that will make it to the finish line! Do not be conformed to the world but, be ready to transform everything around you. I know we are comforted with our successes and we just become satisfied as we are continuing with God in our usual ways. But, now is the time to look into our hearts and souls and just reach into the new heights of where he is taking us. As you are getting closer to his glory things will start to feel normal and life will have it's continued way. Do not be fooled, do not be deceived. I remember a dream the Lord showed me a long time ago where I was in a desert and there was a huge pool of water, it felt normal and I was ready to take a rest but, i was in danger. It was a mirage! I sensed there was something not right and I booked it out of there as fast as I could fly! There was a trap and the feeling of normal went away. The water began to move and a demon was waiting for me in the pool. I know it was just a dream but, do not take a rest in seeking God and pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will know something is wrong as you let him lead. Do not be deceived! The enemy is waiting for you to take a rest! Refresh yourself in the Lord and he will renew you! Do not continue to think things will work out if you are not working out! Work out your spiritual muscles, now is the time for a refreshing. Stop in your tracks and take the time to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. Drink and your thirst will be quenched. This is the time to get the water you will need to finish this race at your best! Shout and praise at how far you have come and thank the Lord for your position this year but, we are only halfway there. Do not be hindered by your success. Success is a wonderful thing as long as it doesn't breed complacency. Strive for more! Don't take for granted your 1st place trophy. There is still more to come. Draw near to him, that he may draw near to you! You will need him! You cannot finish without him! You are completely deficient without him! Do not be automatic about seeking God's face! You need to look to him, for him with a new determination! With him, through him and in him all things are possible! We need to continue with an continued awareness of the source of our strength. When we are performing the same things on a continual basis we tend to grow habitual. And God needs us to desire his refreshing and renewing daily! There are ways we seek God that become repetitive in nature; pray, read the bible, worship, ect. Desire more! Find out what God needs you to do now and not what he had for you yesterday! We begin to take a more leisure and relaxed approach to life as we draw closer to our destination but, the destiny ahead of you is worth pursuing with a fierce passion. The passion for God is not just an off and on attempt, it must continuously be in the on position. Just because things feel fine doesn't mean they are, do not settle for just "fine". Feeling fine is our biggest threat when the enemy is waiting for us to drift into a state of mindlessness. Be mindful of what is familiar and make changes where God is leading you to. Find your strength in him! Let the spirit in you lead. Not by power or by strength, but by your spirit we are led! I pray this soaks into your spirit and allows you the refreshing you need to continue this race to the finish. I am already waiting and rejoicing with you in his Victory!

Jennnifer Tellez
Brown Bag Blessings
PO Box 22182
Houston TX, 77227

"Drawn near to God and he will draw near to you." -James 4:8

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let Me Tell Ya…

by Daniel Castaneda

Let me tell ya, about the one thing that matters most
The thing of beauty of highest worth
Truly you have not seen, oh no you have not even heard
Of this wonder, of this Love, of the greatest Thing ever told

Let me tell ya, of this Joy I know, so captivating its quite inebriating
This joy is oh so contagious
Really its no pretending, it’s honestly quite liberating
To know, to experience the work of this Great Miracle Road

Ah yes, let me tell ya, please listen closely and pay me close attention
For this chance, is the chance of a lifetime
For what I have to say is of this Mystery I am speaking of
This Thing, This Love, This Joy are you still listening?

Don’t let the shadows overcome you
Common’ be honest with yourself, say again, No! Hear again!
Not with your ears only, but with your Song
Tune yourself to the Melody that can move your eternity

Oh come come now, you say, it’s time to play again!
Ah yes, play, play, play it loud! This Joy that I have found!
Please sing to me, and tell me of this life-changing Thing
Fine I say, I will convey to you this Gospel Truth.

There is One broken for all, One shamed for the sake of us all
His name, the One called Holy, Jesus The Christ
God’s Highest Prize, His greatest Gift to all of dying humanity
The Saviour, the King, the Son, repent and just believe

And live not just to live, but have life and Life more abundantly

Let me tell ya, let me tell ya... ah yes,
You will never be the same. Your life will forever be changed.

Life and The Gospel

Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 1:18am
Wow, life is truly full of surprises! You never really know what's gonna give or come your way. And well, that is where the Lord steps in. That is where our trust in Him becomes more real and evident as well. In how we move, live and breathe. We should take our every step in Him and not be afraid of the future. What a great privilege God has given us by allowing us to live in this day and age. We are not to take it for granted!

There has been a new mandate placed on my life to preach the Gospel!! The Gospel must be preached so that it can be heard! What is the Gospel you say? The Gospel is Jesus Christ, God's Son revealed in the flesh, who came down from Heaven, and died so that we might live and was resurrected on the third day! All we must do, is believe in Him, repent from our sins, and confess that He is Lord. Then we will be saved! Once brokenness comes, then the openness is there to receive the Gospel.

May the Lord break our hearts for the lost, dying and sighing. May we see how
He sees, and be moved with compassion as Jesus was moved with compassion for His generation! May His plan and will be established even more on the earth!! For His Glory!!
Blessings to all the Jesus Lovers!!
Daniel C

John 3:16- Let it be fresh revelation!