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Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Lord, Reign In Me"

So as I was sitting trying to get some paperwork done for work earlier today. I was listening to the song "Lord, Reign in Me" by Brenton Brown. And felt like there was something to say about it so I wanted to share it on here. It all started earlier this morning as I woke up, I felt an impression upon my heart to read Genesis 1-5. Why 1-5? Not sure exactly, but what I saw next through out those pages was rather shocking.

Reading the accounts of our ancestors from the beginning of creation, I saw a God who if anyone would have been busy it would of been Him, creating and orchestrating, structuring and putting in order a huge mess, such as the entire universe. But then, leading by example shows us how much of a priority it is to rest, and not just to stop. What He is showing us here is, to take time to rest in Him, to seek His face and marvel at who He is and how amazingly good and kind this awesome God is. Also, as I read a bit of commentary in my Study Bible, I also noticed how there can be two types of people. Those who are faithful to God and those who are not. It's simple, we get to choose what & where we set our hearts on.

"Over every thought, over every word
May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord
Cause you mean more to me than any earthly thing
So won't you reign in me again" Brenton Brown

What our hearts are set on matters, because this is the basis of having a single minded heart towards God. To walk uprightly before Him. (see Ps. 86:11 & Ps. 84:11) All of our affection and all of our attention should be held in highest regard towards God. He is supreme. He is absolute. He is power. He is Love. He is everything and all we need. He is our sufficiency. He is majesty. He is our God. Our Creator and we the created. We must wor-ship Him, ascribing our full adoration to Him first and foremost. In spirit and truth. This is more than just a nice gesture out of gratitude, but a calling for His creation. In order for us, as human beings who were made in His image to thrive; living life not just passing it by. Having that full and abundant life that Jesus calls us to, must be lived in Him. Not out of sync with Him, but in sync. Led by Him, by His Spirit (meaning His breath, His essence, the core of who He is, the Spirit of God in us, His Ruwach).

Christ is in us, and we in Him. I want to focus on the part that says, 'we in Him'. Surely we know the difference of being showered with water versus being submerged under water. Big difference here, and really that is the reality of when we are walking uprightly in Christ, dead to self. And alive in Him. No longer tossed to and fro, but with a single mindedness of heart, set on Christ. Set on His Word. Set on who God really is, led by His Spirit, when we confessed and believed that Jesus Christ, His Son, died as ransom for our sins and was raised to life on the third day, and is coming back for us; this faith in Christ has made us His Children and heirs to the Kingdom by His grace. Such blessedness, such joy. Man, I tell ya, there is nothing more exciting than a God who is coming back for what is His. Us. We His children. So, let us let God be God in us. The creator, ruling over us the created; and we loving Him all the more for it.

"Lord reign in me, reign in your power 
Over all my dreams, in my darkest hour 
You are the Lord of all I am 
So won't you reign in me again"

Daniel CastaƱeda